Holy Souls Church Blackburn

The Holy Souls Journey

The Parish began with Mass at 16 Ramsgreave Road on 16 October 1924, catering for the population of the Ramsgreave, Wilpshire, and Roe Lee areas. The Wilding family gave land next to the Cemetery to build a temporary Church, hence the name of “Holy Souls”. It opened 2 May 1926. This is the only Catholic Parish with this title and the special tsk of praying for the dead. Each Saturday during November, the names of the dead with connections with the Parish are read out. After World War II, the Parish fund raised for a new Church and School. They hoped that the two buildings would be on the one site but that wasn’t possible.

The present Church was opened 19 July 1959 and the new School on Wilworth Crescent 18 May 1976.

The Parish Hall serves the Parish and the local community when requested.

Times Of Services

Sunday Masses

10:00 a.m.

5:00 p.m.


Midweek Masses

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 9 a.m.

Thursday 5 p.m.

Saturday 12 p.m.




Latest Newsletter





Today Early Years (Reception) and Key Stage One lead us in Mass.  They are going to tell us that God has given us, Planet Earth and the Light of the Moon and Stars.  He also gives us the Sun to give us heat so that the animals and we can live and the plants grow.

A well-deserved coffee awaits everybody in the Parish Hall after 10.00 Mass



  • Leader – To introduce the theme, introductory hymn, Profession of Faith, Offertory Prayer, Our Father,
  • Setting Up – Opening the doors, putting on the lights, lighting the candles, setting up the laptop if required, making sure Mass sheets/Newsletters are available at the back of the church, putting out the collection bags for the apparators.
  • Readers – From the published rota – All readings including the Gospel.
  • Homily – From Book of Reflection readings. Team Leader (or one of the team)
  • Bidding Prayers – Reader or one of the Team Members.
  • Eucharistic Ministers – Only two will be required, (not necessarily the Leader).Use the Altar Servers first.

Familiarisation with the reflections, bidding prayers and format

  • Format of service – copies distributed at the meeting
  • Theme – the red folder with a cross on the cover
  • Reflections – black folder or small ‘Bible Alive’ book
  • Bidding Prayers – red book titled ‘Prayers of the Faithful’
  • Prayers of the Mass – Sacramentary – red book


Opportunity to know where things are and what to do.

  • A Discovery meeting will take place after the 5 o’clock Mass on Sunday, 14th July 2013.


(A thank you from all of us to Pat Cook who took all the notes).





Sam Sharples has volunteered to design and to put into the Ether a new website.  Due to illness, the person who maintained the present one has not been able to do that for a couple of years.  Unfortunately, this site cannot be closed, as the passwords are not available.  We need a hacker to help us out!  Thank you, Sam, and we look forward to seeing it when you have together all the information needed.



In addition, by Jerusalem, you will be comforted.  At the sight, your heart will rejoice.

The bull in the arena searches for a safety zone.  People have bought brown paper as a defence against radiation; others wear copper armlets as a protection against pain, all in vain.  Yet the search goes on for that safe place, the home of protection, that pain-free life.  God calls his home Jerusalem, not the physical city in Israel, but the one created through his son, Jesus Christ.  We live there already, we are sent out to bring the lost, and searchers safely home.  Unfortunately, the labourers are few


Please remember the Sick, their families and carers:

Matthew, Hollie, Baby Harriet, Anna Mahoney, Beth Brown, Elizabeth Robinson, Caroline Eavers, Laura Grogan, Caitlin aged 6, Trevor Downham, David Owens, Stephen Hall, Kathleen Gooden, Daniel Uttley,  Hannah S. Sheila Johnston, Siobhan Whatmough,  Nellie Hargreaves, a Young Person, Deborah Boyle, Peter Pemberton, Margaret Barker.  Let us thank Our Father that Toni Hudson asnd Hannah C. are progressing well.


Those who have recently died:

Sheila Cleary, Tony Etherington, Ruby Tyne, Tom Lambert, Vincent Miller, Emma McGarry, Zdzistaw Kidon



Kathleen Mulheir, Eileen Haworth, Gladys Haworth, Catherine Stanley, Maura Read, Margaret Leaver


Elsie Hunt

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