15th ord 2007


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Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor was interviewed on Vatican Radio about Catholic Politicians who are pro abortion being allowed to receive Holy Communion.  He replied,” I think that it would not be right for bishops to say everyone that voted this way, should be excommunicated, but I do think Catholic politicians have a duty to examine their conscience to be informed about their faith, and to act on that conscience.  How they do so, is a decision for them to make but I think bishops have to be careful not to intrude too much into the political sphere”.  This seems to be contrary to the line taken by Cardinal O’Brien of Scotland.


The School Leavers’ Mass will take place on Tuesday 17 July at 7:00 in School

Their families are invited to all these Masses


St Peter’s Church, Salesbury

Service of Blessing and Thanksgiving for

Pets and Animals

Do not forget

Bring your “best friend” with you

Sunday, 15 July at 4.00 pm in the church grounds




As the holiday season gets into full swing, and many of them start on a Saturday it is easy to forget to check Mass times in your holiday area.  There is a book in the Presbytery giving the telephone numbers of all the Parishes in England and Wales.  Please ring up the Editor for this information.  When you are travelling abroad, most Accommodation and Tourist Centres do have information about the local Church English Mass times with town maps too.





The Parish Review suggested that each week in the Newsletter there should be a Spiritual Theme for the week.  I will work on this and introduce it soon.  There are enough copies of the Missalette for everyone who comes to Church.  Please take your copy home as it may be for you a source of light reading while waiting for the toaster to do its popup.


The Editor



The Theme for the Sunday Mass


The Word is very near to you, it is in your mouth and in your heart for your observance.


The law of God and God are one.  For when God gives us his Law to keep, he is giving us his life so that we may live.  To keep his law is to keep his life.  Jesus Christ is the Law and we keep his law by loving our neighbour.  Now we need to discover the answer to the question, “Who is my neighbour, because I must love to live?”



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