27th ord 2012



Barbara & Michael Perkins

This Saturday 13 October, they celebrate their Golden Wedding.

Raffle Prizes to be won

The Coffee Morning takes place this morning Sunday after 10.00 Mass in the Parish Hall.  This is a national event and the Organisers once more hope to make it the Biggest Coffee Morning in the World.


Today Year 6 at Holy Souls School will lead us through the Sunday Mass.

We love each other because we are sisters and brothers


How do we know?


Because we are the children of the God of love.

.  At Holy Souls, we try to show that we believe this by keeping the school rules such as:


  • We treat one another, as we would like to be treated ourselves
  • We respect each other’s property
  • We make others smile





The second part of this understanding of the Christian understanding of life is postponed until next week.




The Saturday Masses during November will be offered for the repose of the deceased members of your families.  If you would like your relative or friend to be mentioned by name at one of these Masses, then write out their name(s) and hand it in at Church or the Presbytery.  Remembering the dead reminds us that just like us they are alive in Christ.  We also remind ourselves that like us, they have sinned and any harm they caused has now been healed through their and our prayers for them.  The gate of Heaven God speedily opens to them through our prayers.  Please do not make a donation.


Theme:  The ones Jesus makes holy and the ones sanctified are the same family; that is why he openly calls us “his brothers, “his sisters.”.  We come to Baptism and Holy Communion as isolated individuals, but through these sacraments, we believe that a bond of love is created between us, an unbreakable bond at that.  The binder is God and nobody can break this bond of family love because it is divine.  We are the children of God who is both Mother and Father to us.  God is total love to us under all circumstances in sickness and in health, The Holy Spirit lives in us forever.


Matthew, Hollie, Baby Harriet, Baby Olivia, Anna Mahoney, Robert Bowlder, Beth Brown, Helen Gallagher, Carolyn, Sarah Hilton, Fr. Chris Dyckhoff, Tracy Haigh, Simon Brown, Elizabeth Robinson, Hayley, Lucy, Jo Chapman, Tracey Timperley, Ben aged 12, Chris Ellison, Freda Coe, Tom, Ian Whalley, Kevin Hoyle, Caroline Eavers, Gordon Ashton, Mr Thorpe, Monica, Toni Hudson. ( I would like to know how the following are progressing, Angela Sharples, Rosa Rey, Enid, Michelle Clayton, Phil Grundy, Stephen Mitchell, Nicola, Jess, Collette & James Patton, Baby Daisy Buckley and Baby Mylie.  Thank you)



Harry Coupe, Domenico Gallo, Margaret Granger, Mary Ginty, Millie Keenan, Raymond Eagle



Mary Ryan, Josephine Brown, Edward Hurran, Molly Moxham, Matthew Conway, J Francis Holt, Father Bertrand Ledwick, Eileen Nelson, Jack Ledwick, Gerald Lee, Gordon Taylor



Mary Rhodes


The Doxology & the Great Amen


Through him, with him, and in him, O God, almighty Father, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, All honour and glory is yours,

Forever and ever.  Amen